Battle God

Become a Battle God and direct the flow of never ending combat.

Oversee and manipulate the epic battles of houses Red & Blue as they fight tooth and nail for control of the lands.  Will you use your powers and rally one house to victory?  Perhaps you will curse both sides with death?  Or is simply watching their inevitable self destruction enough to satisfy you?  Do as you wish, for you are a Battle God!!

Unleash your power on the battlefield!

Unit Classes

  • Soldier: Armored soldiers of the front
  • Archer: Ranged attackers to weaken troops
  • Catapult: Slower artillery can blast groups away
  • Cleric: Converts enemies and destroys the undead
  • Champion: Tosses enemies aside and rallies troops

God Powers

  • Shock: Classic lightning bolts to stun and damage
  • Rally: Bless units with healing and attack strength
  • Raise Dead: Skeleton soldiers will continue the fight
  • Blast: Damage and toss waves of units
  • Holy Cavalry: Mow down troops and spilt up the action
  • Pillars of Salt: Weaken and freeze units in a large area 
  • Easy to start playing
  • More than a dozen Achievements to earn
  • ‘Auto-Start’ mode, keep the battles going when you’re AFK
  • ‘Random Battles’ mode for continuous random battles
  • ‘Auto-God’ mode, relax and let some ‘Godly RNG’ take control
  • Import your own sprites!
  • Screenshot key to save your battle highlights
  • Streamer/YouTube friendly soundtrack (CC4)

Battle God is a casual real time strategy game. Configure, oversee and intervene in the ongoing battles of the mere mortals below. Complete the achievements in any way you want while the hundreds if not thousands of troops clash relentlessly.

Battle God: Online Game Manual