Agave Art Sweet

A suite of fun & functional tools
designed for pixel art

** Please note: This software is functional but is still in development. Content and features are still being added and modified, and you may encounter some bugs. You can help development by providing feedback and reporting any issues. Thank you! **

Agave Art Sweet uses ‘modules’ to separate and contain major features to help you focus on one task at a time without getting lost in the weeds and menus.

Modules start up where you left off so your last canvas, project, or browsing session will be right there for you.

Modules in Agave

1-bit Creator
Layer Player
Image Browser

1-bit Creator

A 2 color image creator with basic rendering tools like noise, bubbles, and mirroring. Designed for fun & simplicity.

  • A grand total of 2 user defined colors!!
  • Quickly see your art in different colors
  • Save, Load and Export your art

Layer Player

A layer-based image builder that could be described as an ‘interactive collage builder’. 

Load and position images on layers to create new content, like scenes, characters, abstract art, etc.

When you combine multiple layers and the full set of features you can test and create parallax scenes and simple animations without any timeline or editing experience.

  • Import up to 8 images as layers
  • Modify layer properties like size, transparency, rotation, etc.

Image Browser

A Browser with a focus on exploring and displaying art asset packs.

Using the Image Browser tools you can combine custom backgrounds with your images to make new art, explore concepts, and make stylized image/sprite sheets.

The Browser interface can be hidden and zoom can go to 20000% to give you a great look at the pixels.

  • ‘Single Image’ and ‘View Folder’ modes
  • Customize background color or image
  • Basics like size, pixel RGB info, X/Y location, pan, and zoooooom
  • Slideshow

Viewing an image at Maximum Zoom in different Applications…


A module to help you make icons, portraits, thumbnails and other content from your existing images. Have fun with this simple and ‘hands-on’ approach to converting images into a pixel [mosaic] style.

The examples below were made with the Pixelizer module using illustrations and photographs and were enlarged using the Image Browser module. No other edits were made.

Original photographs from various artists on Pixabay and Pexels.

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