Super Pixel Defense

This game is functional but is still in development. You can test the pre-release builds, play several levels, experiment in the sandbox mode, and help development by providing feedback and reporting any bugs.

A tower defense game where you build a processor to fix corrupted pixels and guide them all to your monitor.

Color Campaign

Try to score gold and correct all the corrupted pixels as you progress through the main levels of Super Pixel Defense.

Creative Sandbox

Make patterns, abstract art, funky tunes, and experiment with the processor buildings. Check out the Abstract Pixel Art Pack to see some examples.

Level Editor

Build custom levels using the in-game editor. Import an image and set up the level goals from easy to impossible. Your custom levels can be accessed, shared, and played.


Features, mechanics, balance, and other content is still being added, modified, or removed. You may encounter some bugs or issues and progress will be reset with future updates. 

Check out the development plan and development logs for more details.